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AJL International Safety & Technology

AJL International is dedicated to discovering new ways to make transportation services more convenient, reliable and productive. Whether it is our website, online reservation system, FAA authorized computerized flight data technology, GPS satellite vehicle tracking or DriveCam, we have dedicated significant financial and human resources in the development of advanced systems that today's business environment requires.

Safety, security and luxury have always been a part of the AJL International experience, and we are very proud of our safety record. With our ongoing Defensive Driver training and Safety Programs, you can rest assure that the safety of our passengers is our number one concern.

VEHICLE TRACKING VIA GPS: In addition to assisting with directions and maps, our Global Positioning Satellite system relays the speed, direction and exact location of our vehicles at all times.

THE GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM: The GPS Vehicle Navigation System provide our chauffeurs with their exact location by receiving signals from up to 24 Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

This navigation system provides an unprecedented level of reference and connectivity. Not only does the system give vehicle locations, maps and directions, it also can find the nearest gas station, restaurant, ATM or hotel. Chauffeurs enter their destination and preference of options, such as fastest routes or shortest routes. The system automatically plots the optimum route.

DRIVE CAM: Our vehicles are equipped with Drive Cam's. This technology allows us to ensure safety, improve our driver training programs, and use real time data to give feedback. Additioanlly, Drive Cam assists with minmizing collisions and ensures that we provide you with the ultimate transportation experience.

Leading the Way

Environmental & Safety Leadership

  • Background Checks for your Safety and Security
  • GPS Real Time Tracking
  • Comprehensive Fuel Consumption and Reporting
  • Affiliated with like minded Environmental Companies
  • Dedicated to Reducing and Recycling Paper Consumption
  • Paperless Confirmations, Receipts, Chauffeur Trip Tickets

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1930 West Airfield Dr. Suite 500, DFW AIRPORT, TX 75261

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PO BOX 610587, DFW AIRPORT, TX 75261